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Our innovative spirit defines us.

Spadegaming Malaysia, unique Asian-themed games are really engaging and include fantastic visuals and sound effects; this is because they are an Asian firm that incorporates elements of world culture into all of their works. No matter what device you're using, Winbox games will work just fine.

Spadegaming is now able to sell its wares to the European gaming and entertainment industry thanks to a license it just obtained from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). We are excited to expand into new regions, and our gamers love and know all about our things.


Spadegaming's ambition is to gather the power of ideas to create breakthrough gaming experiences that transform lifestyles and, in the end, the gaming world. Using a blend of current trends, imagination, and invention, our goal is to create games that anybody can enjoy.

Play SPADEGAMING Casino Games in Malaysia Anywhere

Heroes mobile and tab

Spadegaming have been at the forefront of mobile development since 2013, creating games that are compatible with all smartphones and tablets. Download Winbox, and you can access and play Spadegaming Casino Games in Malaysia from anywhere, at anytime!


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Featuring the Joker, jewels, and cards, Joker's Treasure Exclusive is Spadegaming's newest retro-themed online slot. Treasure Exclusive gives players the opportunity to win fantastic prizes, including the unexpected and lucrative Exclusive Jackpot.
Discover the opportunity to win exciting prizes from the Exclusive Jackpot by playing Joker's Treasure Exclusive!

  • Five reels and five paylines

  • Simple gameplay without any unnecessary mechanics

  • No matter where they land on the reels, bonus symbols pay off.

  • Discover fantastic prizes in the Exclusive Jackpot!


Fiery Sevens Exclusive is the newest online slot game from Spadegaming, and it has a fiery theme with fruits. With three exclusive jackpots to choose from, players have a great shot of winning big! Fire up your adrenaline levels to a whole new level by delving into the sizzling world of Fiery Sevens Exclusive and discovering the possibility of huge prizes!

With Fiery Sevens Exclusive, you may win as much as 777 times your initial wager in only one spin!


  • Five reels and five paylines.

  • Visually appealing symbols in a straightforward game.

  • Win incredible rewards in the Jackpot Game when you hit three Jackpot icons.

Top Return to Player Ratio for Spadegaming Slots

The potential for large wins is a major draw for many people to the realm of online casinos. This is where knowing what an RTP is and playing slots with a high RTP may greatly increase your winnings. 


Now that we know which Spadegaming slots have the best return to player percentages, we can look into ways to increase our chances of winning and play for bigger prizes. Players seeking large winnings have taken to Spadegaming's selection of high RTP slot games.


Here are some of the most prominent high RTP slots from Spadegaming:

Prosperity Gods is a visually gorgeous and engaging slot game that transports you to ancient China. It has an incredible 97% RTP. Win more often with the help of free spins and multipliers on this slot machine.
Fa Fa Fa: With its typical Asian symbols like lucky coins and dragons, this slot game has an astounding 96% RTP. Many gamers resort to this famous slot machine because of its uncomplicated gameplay and regular winnings.


Heroes: Rise of the Legend, This 95% RTP slot game is ideal for you if you enjoy superheroes and games with exciting action sequences. This casino slot review invites you to team up with formidable heroes as you play the reels and discover bonus bonuses that can increase your winnings.

Spadegaming Slot Malaysia

The founders of Spadegaming focused all of their energy on developing slot variations; slots are their expertise. Most of the slot machines are themed after famous Asian characters, customs, or symbols, which is not surprising given that the software business is situated in Asia.

Playing slots online is a great way to have fun, and each one has its own narrative and ways to win big. The company's slot machines include several takes on traditional slot machines, with easy-to-understand rules and a streamlined method of paying out winnings. Among Spadegaming's many enjoyable vintage slots are games like Lucky Cai Shen, Ho Yeah Monkey, and Fa Fa Fa.

You may also play the several video slots that Spadegaming has created if you like playing with distinctive symbols, extra features, and other betting possibilities. Baby Cai Shen, Zeus, Princess Wang, Double Fortune, Jungle King, and countless more are among the company's most famous video slots.


Hero, a new video slot game from Spadegaming, with distinctive symbols and four playable characters, each with their own set of additional features that may swiftly increase a player's bankroll.

Spadegaming: Responsible Gaming


Players that play our games on our partner websites (the operators) are not directly associated with Spadegaming, as we are a software supplier (B2B). But we think it's our duty to equip our partners with all they need to make our games fun and safe for players everywhere.


At Spadegaming, we take great care to make sure that every one of our games meets the stringent regulations of the many jurisdictions in which we operate. We do this by ensuring that all of our players are of legal age, by maintaining fair game outcomes, and by assisting our players in developing and maintaining good playing habits.

Maintaining a healthy industry, in our view, is impossible without relentlessly advocating for Responsible Gaming, and we will always do our utmost to comply with the laws of the places where we do business.

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